I save the earth-sometimes.I am a superhero...and a nurse.I live in my very own fandom-wonderland: Filled with coffee,music,tv-shows,glitter,deep thoughts and fangirling-attacks.And yes, I DO have imaginary friends.

Gimme more!

Give me more Comic Con…I wanna see all the photos and vids.


happy friday all, thought i’d share some gorgeous men in black.
and this one goes out especially for triplefuckingnope since you so nicely begged asked me not to stop. and don’t forget, i take suggestions, too (and I havent forgotten, I owe you a very special set)
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(via lostkittyramblings)

John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse for me :-D

Comic Con

Everyone going to Comic Con this weekend…have fun.

Oh, and I hate you all,cause I’m not there.

Sincerely, the most envious girl in the world (right now).

P.s: No, just kidding. Have fun and take tons and tons of pictures.


i, the queen of hell, am declaring today shoulder appreciation day. these men put a lot of hard work into making these glorious weight-of-the-world-carriers, so please, appreciate some shoulders!
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Sir Benedict  

God that color on him does things to me

he looks more royal than the actual royal family.

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